Who We Are

Lyceum is a collaborative community dedicated to fostering the best in every child.

Our board and staff are diverse. Based on our own diversity and educational experiences, we understand the importance of an education that values culture, identity and inclusion, while also being of the highest quality. We value language diversity. This means we are dedicated to helping families become multilingual as well as helping families preserve the home language in the 2nd and 3rd generations. This strengthens our community and enhances our student’s prospects. Language diversity is at the core of our labor and learning approach to education.

Lyceum’s core values are the foundation of our student’s experience, helping them understand society and their role in shaping the world around them. At Lyceum our attitudes and values reflect who we want our students to become and what they should know. We believe in excellence, diversity, individuality and community. We believe in cultivating and developing respect for self, for others and for the environment. We believe our job as educators is to prepare future leaders for tomorrow.

Our faculty and staff consist of extraordinarily talented and dedicated educators who are committed to Lyceum’s core educational values. At the heart of our approach is teachers mentoring young students to help them develop “habits of the mind”.

Our Approach

Lyceum is the only STEM focused Dual-Immersion Charter School in New York City. Our educational approach is active learning, project-based instruction with content taught in two languages, beginning in Kindergarten. There is no other charter school that offers STEM education through Mandarin-English and Spanish-English instruction. Students will master Language, Mathematics and Science, and will become Language Diverse, regardless of their home language.

We combine the most advanced thinking from Curriculum and Instruction, Early Childhood Education, Language Acquisition, Cooperative Learning, Inquiry and Active Learning strategies to achieve academic excellence and ensure that our students will become thoughtful, active learners and will be engaged in their education.

Highly qualified and compassionate teachers collaborate with parents and families to establish a strong and trusting community, to ensure that every child will reach their full scholastic potential. Unique partnerships with universities and museums in New York City will provide our students with high quality thematic and project-based learning. These partnerships and our rigorous curriculum will further enable our children to develop independent and collaborative exploration, and enhance the inquisitive and imaginative nature of curious children, to unlock their unlimited potential.

We invite you to browse our website, attend our open house events and learn more about our one-of-kind school. Please feel free to contact us, at any time, with questions or for more information. We look forward to welcoming all families into the Lyceum community in our shared journey towards academic excellence!