Join an exciting community of educators who are dedicated to 21st century education and committed to improving the lives of our students.

Faculty and staff members are committed to student achievement by fostering the best in each child and preparing them to succeed. Lyceum is a professional collaborative community, focused on supporting students to be curious, creative and critical thinkers.

We are the first STEM Dual-Immersion Charter School in NYC!

Why Lyceum?

We are the first STEM focused Dual-Immersion Charter School in NYC! We are a dynamic community of educators who believe in active learning, project-based instruction that is emotionally and intellectually supportive to all students.

As an inclusive community, Lyceum honors dignity for all. We believe in respect for self and for others. We believe in teaching and learning about these issues, even when the conversations are difficult. Teaching Tolerance, an anti-bias curriculum developed by the Southern Poverty Law Center, is a key feature of our instructional design. Our commitment to diversity is a core expression of our school mission.

Innovative instruction requires excellent staff development and institutional support. Through our teacher-team design, weekly PD workshops and ample common planning time, we are committed to developing a dynamic work environment that fully supports our faculty and staff in professional and personal growth as we provide meaningful and inclusive education to the community. Teachers are encouraged to develop, expand upon, modify, and even invent curricula, fostering an unparalleled sense of engagement and creativity in the classroom and school.

Our Approach

Our instructional design is built around thematic, active & project-based learning with content taught in two language programs, Mandarin-English and Spanish-English. We are also a STEM education program, providing equal exposure to Language Arts Literacy, Mathematics and Science. Students will receive balanced instruction in Mandain-English or Spanish-English so that by 5th grade they will be language diverse, bi-literate and bi-cognative, regardless of home language.

We combine the most advanced thinking from Curriculum and Instruction, Early Childhood Education, Language Acquisition, Cooperative Learning, Inquiry and Active Learning to achieve a 21st century Whole Child approach to education.

Guided by our own faculty and staff, these pedagogical tenets influence every area of the curriculum. These tenets are pillars of inspiration to support pedagogical imagination and innovation, fostering an unparalleled sense of engagement and creativity in the classroom and school.

Join Us

Lyceum is seeking like minded people: passionate, creative, energetic and detail-oriented who are ready to roll-up their sleeves and demonstrate that education is transformative and does make a difference in the lives of students and the community.

We are seeking extraordinarily talented and dedicated teachers who are committed to Lyceum’s core educational values. At the heart of our approach is teachers mentoring young students to help them develop “habits of the mind”.

Lyceum is an Equal Opportunity Employer and seeks candidates who will add to the diversity of our school community. We offer a comprehensive benefits package that include medical, dental, and vision insurance, flexible spending accounts, life insurance, disability coverage, commuter benefits, and a retirement plan. If you’re looking to work in a dynamic, diverse, innovative and collaborative environment in NYC (the best city…yes, we may be biased!), then check-out our job postings and apply now!

Open Positions