At Lyceum Charter School, we aim to create a school that is high performing, diverse and inclusive. All of our students will engage in a highly rigorous academic program that is STEM focused and Dual-Immersion (Spanish-English or Mandarin-English).

Our goal is a 21st century whole child model of education fostered by active learning to achieve Math and Computer Literacy, Cultural and Civic Literacy, Scientific and Language Arts Literacy.

Students are encouraged to be curious, creative and critical thinkers in our inclusive school.

Creating Capable & Talented Language Diverse Students.

Content Blocks

In order to maximize teaching and learning in a thematic, inquiry and project based learning environment, the day in the life of our students is broken down into content blocks. Everyday, all students will engage in learning Language Arts Literacy (LAL), Math and Science. In addition to core subjects, students will also receive Physical Education daily as well as enrichment electives and related arts.

Project Based Learning

Lyceum scholars are active learners and engage in Integrated Thematic Units in LAL (includes Social Studies), Math and Science. Each and every day students actively listen, speak, read and write in every content area to develop 100% literacy.

Reading and writing in science and math involve non-fiction books and biographies found in the classroom library, conducting age-appropriate research and giving reports. Hands-on activities and projects include hydroponic gardens (growth & life cycle), cooking experiments (chemistry & physics as well as calculations and measurements) to teach the scientific method.


Dual-immersion is our unique approach combining best practices of Dual Language and Immersion instruction. Content is taught in two languages (English-Spanish or English-Mandarin) by highly qualified teachers. In our school, instruction is developed by teacher-teams so that students learn all subjects in both languages through a seamless language rotation. Lyceum’s Dual-Immersion approach helps students of all backgrounds, academic and language abilities become language diverse, regardless of home language.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

Our STEM instruction is designed with our unique program (and students) in mind. We carry through into the STEM curriculum thematic, experiential and project based learning so that students can amass 21st century skills and develop critical thinking.

In addition to the daily math and science, our STEM curriculum will come alive through our partnerships with NYC museums, universities and organizations. Enrichment days are planned throughout the school year where students get to have fun while solving real-world STEM problems. Our students will learn through hands-on and collaborative work to better prepare for middle school, high school, university and beyond.

Diversity & Social Justice: Teaching Tolerance

A main goal of Lyceum Charter School is to teach all students to have self-respect and respect for others. We develop a sense of awareness of social issues by implementing Teaching Tolerance (Tolerance), developed by the Southern Poverty Law Center which is incorporated into our instruction.

Tolerance focuses on four domaines – identity, diversity, justice and action – which can be incorporated into any content area, theme or activity of any unit or lesson plan. This will help create an authentically inclusive and diverse learning environment, based on equity and respect for differences.

Tolerance curriculum fosters meaningful discussions about our cultural perspectives which builds a strong classroom culture for learning. As students engage in Social and Emotional Learning and practice anti-bias communication, they increase their awareness. This process prepares students to break down barriers while becoming multicultural and multilingual learners.

Role of the Teacher

Creative, fun and innovative instruction is a key ingredient to engage students. Teacher-teams design units and lesson plans with unparalleled sense of engagement and creativity in the classroom to provide meaningful and inclusive education. Our faculty and staff consist of extraordinarily talented and dedicated educators who are committed to Lyceum’s core educational values, the mentoring of the “habits of the mind” of young scholars to become successful life-long learners.

We are seeking extraordinarily talented and dedicated teachers who are committed to Lyceum’s core educational values.

Do you have what it takes?