Our leadership team believes in student centered learning through independent and group experiences. True discovery occurs from labor and learning

Through our own diversity and experiences, we understand the importance of a rigorous curriculum that values culture, identity and inclusion.

Students succeed when they have access to comprehensive education that supports inquiry and encourages them to think logically, creatively and scientifically in all subjects.

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Dear Families,
We regret to inform you that Lyceum Charter School will not be opening September 2021. We thank each and everyone of you for your enthusiastic interest in our school. Unfortunately, the decision is final and beyond our control.

Please make other arrangements for your children’s schooling as soon as possible.

You can apply to your zone public schools and/or other charter schools. The 2021-2022 Charter School applications are due April 1, 2021. To access the common online application click here.

Lyceum Charter School

Apreciadas familias,
Lamentamos informarles que Lyceum Charter School no abrirá en septiembre de 2021. Agradecemos a todos y cada uno de ustedes por su interés entusiasta en nuestra escuela. Desafortunadamente, la decisión es definitiva y está fuera de nuestro control.

Por favor, haga otros arreglos para la educación de sus hijos lo antes posible.

Puede solicitar un asiento en la escuela pública de su zona y / o en otras escuelas charters. La solicitud para las escuelas charters de 2021-2022 vence el 1 de abril de 2021. Para usar la solicitud común en línea (Common online Charter School application) haga un clic aquí.

El equipo de Lyceum Charter School